Tips for Programmers

Boost your software skills a little bit each day.

How do you "level up" as a software developer?

Is writing lots of code enough to make you a great coder?

How much better could you become if you had a stream of advice from seasoned professionals?

'Tip for Programmers' is just that: a stream of expert advice. It contains 97 articles from people who have a depth of experience in writing software and have been kind enough to write down their wisdom to share it with you.

A programming tip a day keeps crusty code at bay.

'Tips for Programmers' contains the same articles published in 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know™ by O'Reilly.

It's more than just a book in an app, though. 'Tips for Programmers' lets you set a reminder to read one article each day, so you can start each morning, or end each day, by adding one more tidbit of programming wisdom to your arsenal.

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